Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is the necessary first step to evaluate the security of your network devices & assets and to help protect your data from exposure through known vulnerabilities. Cyber Cymru’s vulnerability scanning services can rapidly scan systems and applications and identify potential exposure or vulnerabilities to help detect weaknesses caused by technical vulnerabilities or misconfigurations with less than 1% false positive rate. With different service levels available, we can align our vulnerability management approach with your needs.


What vulnerability scanning can do for you

  • Validate – Validate that patch management tools are working properly
  • Compliance – Work toward achieving and maintaining compliance
  • Due diligence – Demonstrate due diligence expected by customers today
  • Maintain security posture – Maintain security posture and business continuity 
  • Reduce risks – Help reduce risk in a data breach and its impact on customers, employees and corporate reputation
  • Maximise IT resources – Maximise resources from vulnerability remediation with less than 1% false positive rate detection